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Loomian Bond is the closeness that a Loomian has with its trainer. Getting a perfect bond is essential for evolving certain Loomians and completing Loomian Mastery.

Bond Levels

Upon catching, all Loomians start with a bond level of Mediocre, with the exception of Metronette and Icigool who start at Angry, and Whimpor who starts at Sad. Different actions can increase or decrease the bond level between a Loomian and its trainer. A player can increase the bond between them and a Loomian by doing the following:

  • Walking with the Loomian in the party
  • Causing another Loomian to faint in battle in Adventure Mode
  • Causing the Loomian to level up
  • Causing the Loomian to evolve

The following actions can lower a Loomian's bond:

  • Having the Loomian faint in battle in Adventure Mode

Bond Messages

General Messages

A Loomian's general bond level can be checked by pressing E on a computer, Y on gamepad or the "Check" button on mobile while facing it. Different messages indicate the bond level.

Bond Level Emoticon Message
Extremely Low Bond Angry.png "Loomian is angry."
Very Low Bond Unhappy.png "Loomian is unhappy."
Low Bond Sad.png "Loomian is kind of sad."
Mediocre Bond Indifferent.png "Loomian doesn't know what to think of you."
Medium Bond Bored.png "Loomian is kind of bored."
High Bond Content and Pretty Happy.png "Loomian is content."
Very High Bond Content and Pretty Happy.png "Loomian is pretty happy."
Extremely High Bond Happy.png "Loomian is happy."
Perfect Bond Ecstatic.png "Loomian is ecstatic!"

Status Messages

If a Loomian is at critical health or is afflicted with a status ailment, its message will change when checking the bond.

Status Emoticon Message
Low Health Bond Low Health.png "Loomian is about to pass out."
Burned Bond Burned and Frozen.png "Loomian doesn't feel well."
Frozen Bond Burned and Frozen.png "Loomian doesn't feel well."
Paralyzed Bond Paralyzed.png "Loomian is feeling unwell."
Poisoned Bond Poisoned.png "Loomian is feeling sick."


Increasing a Loomian's bond can be useful for evolution and Loomian Mastery.

In Evolution

The following Loomians can evolve by utilizing a Perfect Bond.

Loomian Condition Evolution
Whimpor-menu.png Whimpor Perfect Bond Stratusoar-menu.png Stratusoar
Vari-menu.png Vari Receive pollen from another player's Florant with a perfect bond Buzzolen-menu.png Buzzolen

In Mastery

The Mastery tasks for the following Loomians require a Perfect Bond.

ID Family Reward
045 Geklow Geklow-menu.png Eleguana-menu.png 500 MP
057 Gumpod Gumpod-menu.png Ventacean-menu.png 400 MP
059 Phancub Phancub-menu.png Ursoul-menu.png Ursnac-menu.png 400 MP
074 Cafnote Cafnote-menu.png Trumbull-menu.png Mootune-menu.png 300 MP
083 Whimpor Whimpor-menu.png Stratusoar-menu.png 300 MP
095 Poochrol Poochrol-menu.png Hunder-menu.png 300 MP